Category-1 Product

  • MarineStream™ – Remote wifi-mesh network

Category-2 Products

  • WatchTower© Coordinator Control Software (system facilities:- ASZM, VTS, AIS, VOIP)
  • Seaconn– Portable hotspot for wifi-based communications

Category-3 Product Development & Consultancy Service

  • The provision of consultancy service for advice and guidance on additional modular off-shoot facilities e.g;
  • Wifi-based Personnel & Asset Tracking (Personnel Management Database)
  • Real-Time Mobile Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-Time Safe Lift Parameters & Personnel Transfer Monitoring
  • Remote field CCTV coverage
  • Medical Field Assistance Coverage
  • SAR Capabilities (MOB & EPIRB integration)
  • Field Awareness of Third-Party Vessels without AIS
  • Seabed Mobility & Scouring Monitoring
  • Real-time & Historical Data Analysis
  • Business & Efficiency Drive Resource Management Tools
  • QHSE Procedures and systems application

    ‘By next-generation design standards, a superior,
    reliable, economical, remote communication system’

    Overall System Benefits

    • Increased bandwidth capability: (default mesh network 5GHz-6Mbps, Average sat uplink 256 Kbit/s )
    • Economical VOIP comm′s and data transfer
    • Security protocols and encrypted data transfer
    • 3G & 4G data offload
    • Stable and reliable communication platform within a harsh offshore environment
    • Multiple device and multiple network applications
    • Centralised, onshore control of remote network
    • Continuous analysis and monitoring of network status
    • Modular interconnectivity to other Force55 systems such a Watchtower© & Seaconn
    • Superior communication platform for improved QHSE application

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    ‘Watchtower is a propriety software suite designed to provide active safety zone management, personnel tracking and real-time environmental monitoring for remote site locations’

    Overall System Benefits

    • Active Safety Zone Management
    • Multiple Vessel Monitoring
    • Integration of AIS data & Perimeter Radar
    • Field Personnel Tracking
    • Mobile Environmental Monitoring
    • Real-Time & Historical Data Analysis
    • Marine Legislation Compliance
    • Safety of Life at Sea
    • Marine Resource Planning & Efficiency
    • Real-time Environmental & Systems Monitoring
    • Mobile Sensor Platforms
    • Continuous Monitoring of Offshore Personnel

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    ‘SeaConn is a self-sustained portable system, able to create a virtual and mobile wifi-hub with a local coverage of 50m and a potential back-haul of 15km to the nearest wifi-mesh networks‘

    Overall System Benefits

    • Mobile, self-sustained unit
    • Interconnectivity to fixed wifi-mesh networks
    • Robust design with up to 16 hours of independent power
    • Accessory range individually designed to cater for specific Client requirements
    • Marine Legislation Compliance
    • Secure VOIP, Data Telem and Video communications.
    • Isolated areas of field developments can be linked to in-situ mesh frameworks.
    • Cost-effective and flexible wifi-access

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